152nd Gettysburg Anniversary Civil War Battle Reenactment

The Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment is an all day family event with several battles each day, field demonstrations, an extensive living history village, living history programs, civil war merchants and military camps open to the public. There is plenty to see and do all day long.

headerExperience your American heritage and stimulate all your senses at the Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment. Gates open at 8:30 each day so you can enjoy and experience everything the Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment has to offer. Order your admission tickets and reserved seating on-line now! Mark your calendar, July 3rd, 4th, & 5th, 2015 for the Annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment.

The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee presents the 152nd Gettysburg Anniversary Civil War Battle Reenactment. Join us as we commemorate this extremely significant occasion. We will welcome hundreds of reenactors from across the nation and around the world who will portray those individuals who fought for their beliefs, with our nation divided, on the fields surrounding this small town. The event will feature daily battle reenactments narrated by a Licensed Battlefield Guide as you watch Union and Confederate Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery forces go muzzle to muzzle. Hear the thundering roar of artillery, the pounding of cavalry hooves and the Rebel Yell! You are invited to visit the military camps and see camp life and how the soldiers spent their time away from the battlefield.

This event will have something for everyone and will make those dusty old history books come alive! Walk through the camps and talk to the reenactors. Meet cavalry troops and their mounts and see what it takes to care for the horses and take them into battle. Get a crash course in loading cannon. Meet Generals Lee, Longstreet, J.E.B. Stuart, Custer, Chamberlain, Hancock and others. How many layers did women wear? What was a civil war wedding like? What was the role of music in the civil war? Learn how children played and what they played with before the internet, I pads and Walkmans? Learn about civil war period religion and attend civil war services? Learn all this and much more at the extensive Living History Village and at the two large Living History Activities tents with continus educational and enlightining programs.

Source: gettysburgreenactment.com

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