About us

Historia.org.pl - is leading polish website about history. Articles about history, science, culture and art are beeing updated every day since 2004. Its one of the biggest and most versatile sources about polish history.

We are one of the most often visited history websites in Poland, due to great quality of our articles, witch are often quoted by national media and other web pages. Many viewers serching for information in the internet finds history.org first, thanks to its high positioning in internet search engines. Our article about Roksolana had more than 250 thousand views, articles about her husband Sulejman and grafical projects of polish bank notes had both 150 thousand. More than 1,5 milion people visite our site every year, (in year 2015 it was 1 838 576 users).


Our aim, is to provide valuable and reliable historical knowlege in a way, that many different viewers will find interesting. We popularize modern patriotism and best aspects of polish history. We are showing that history is interesting, and can be entertaining for everyone. We are highlighting the greatest moments of polish history, as we are proud of our ancestry. We discuss, exchange ideas, share knowledge and like to present different points of view.


Our website is created by people of diferent philosophies and opinions. People working in our office represent different culture groups and environments. Both professional and non professional historians are creating our site. We are all connected by passion for history and will to advertise it in the best way possible.

Our editors are frequent guest of TV shows and radio auditions, and they are also authors of their own publications.


Editorial board and our coworkers, have written more than 7 thousands articles, including news, reviews and scientific publications. Couple houndreds books, events and other history connected projects has taken place because of our patronage. We also create these projects on our own. One of them is „Historical Event of the Year”, which is a plebiscite promoting most important historical projects in given year. Currently we co-organize it with Museum of Polish History, with a patronage of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

We are cooworking with many reserch institucions in Poland. We have worked with: The Office of President of Poland, Wawels Royal Castle, WW2 Museum in Gdańsk, PRL History Museum, The Agreement of History Book Publishers, and also many science clubs, historical reconstruction organizations and publishers.


Our community is created not only by the viewers of the webpage, but also by the forum. We have 9 thousand registered users, who have written 250 thousand posts, which makes it one of the biggest education forums in Poland. Our Facebook profile has 32 000 fans and on Twitter we have 2 300 followers.

For Media

If You are a representative of foregin media, or just looking for information about our history, feel invited to contact us using this email: english@history.org.pl